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3 Easy Ways to Use Consumer Data to Improve Customer Experience

Customer data can be daunting. How much data is too much? What do you do with it? And what does it all mean? Read our three tips for using customer data to improve the customer experience.

Using data to satisfy the fickle customer

Today’s customers are promiscuous creatures who don’t just like to be treated differently; they expect it. We’ve all heard the 80/20 rule, where 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your customers, and now customer loyalty is more important than ever. Customer data and the personalisation opportunities it holds, is the key to unlocking loyal behaviour.

So, how do you gather and utilise this data?

  1. Create a tiered loyalty program that rewards customers the more they interact with your business
  2. Data is automatically delivered to your CRM in real-time when customers engage
  3. Send personalised promotions to the different tiers of customers based on their interactions with your business.

This strategy can be executed with a digital promotions platform such as Eagle Eye AIR.

Using data to empower marketing decisions

Knowing exactly how to use your data to impact sales separates marketers who are empowered by data from those who are confused by it. Most businesses have underutilised data sitting in their POS systems, and now’s the time to tap into it.

Start off small. Any good loyalty program gives you a simple understanding of how much a customer has spent and how often they visit. This business intelligence can be used to improve the customer experience twofold; firstly by enabling personalised messages and secondly by paving the way for digital promotions tailored to lifetime value.

Using data to create personalised experiences

Small businesses with smart loyalty programs have access to the same intelligence as enterprises like Starbucks. And when this data is used to improve customer experience the return on investment can be huge. The holy grail of customer experience is the single customer view.

By integrating Eagle Eye into your Point of Sale you can collect shopper basket data to inform future promotions. From here you can generate personalised promotions based on individual consumer behaviours to improve engagement. Personalised messaging is a huge opportunity for businesses just starting to work with data and the engagement returned from sending the right message to the right person at the right time will send blanket promotions to their grave.

Want to get started with smarter data and application? Discover Eagle Eye AIR for personalised loyalty marketing, single customer view, and real-time measurement.