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3 cost-effective ways restaurant technology can improve customer experience

Restaurant technologies means we no longer have to stand in line, or even enter the restaurant. But with customer experience overtaking price and product as the key brand differentiator by 2020, how can restaurant software enhance the customer experience through convenience and beyond?

Personalised offers

By collecting customer data you can tailor offers and promotions to individual customers or segments based on their past purchases. A single customer view allows you to identify how often individual customers dine and what they like to order off the menu, then create tailored promotions. The more relevant the promotion, the more it’s likely to convert.

Collect customer data and integrate with your CRM using a restaurant technologies platform like Eagle Eye Promote. Then use digital messaging software to send hyper-relevant promotions via SMS, email or push notification to qualified customers.

Location-based promotions

McDonald’s is due to roll out a mobile ordering and payments app, where customers will be able to place an order and pick up their food at any McDonald’s restaurant thanks to location-based marketing. McDonald’s is just one quick-service restaurant utilising geo technology to improve the customer experience.

You too can create location-based triggers to engage customers as they interact with your business. With geo technology restaurant software your customers can receive custom coupons as they take their seat in your restaurant. Find out more about digital promotions to create and distribute incentives locally.

Customer loyalty technology

Loyalty has moved far beyond stamp cards. Mobile technology means it’s easier than ever to improve the customer experience to keep customers coming back. Quick-service restaurants offering mobile apps have experienced a surge in loyalty, with more than 15% of orders coming from mobile channels.

In adopting a digital promotions platform you’ll be able to see what dishes your customers order most frequently, or what drink they ordered on their last birthday and create rewards based on these insights. Such technology strengthens the customer experience and personalised rewards improve retention. After all, 25% of UK consumers stop using loyalty programs due to lack of personalisation.

Looking for an all-in-one restaurant software solution? Discover Eagle Eye AIR for promotions, messaging, loyalty and gift cards.