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Stay up to date with the Eagle Eye blog, covering the most important topics within the customer loyalty and digital promotions landscape.


Omnichannel Retail: How to create a content strategy to foster customer loyalty and boost sales

This penultimate Eagle Eye blog serialising our CEO, Tim Mason’s new book, Omnichannel Retail: How to Build Winning Stores in a Digital World, tackles the critical subject of content that is fit for the digital age.

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Established retailers vs. digital natives

The challenge for traditional retailers is this: can the likes of Walmart, Coles and Woolworths master new digital skills faster than the digital natives can learn to become effective store retailers? Unless companies with large networks of stores solve this challenge, the likes of Amazon and Alibaba may one day dominate store retail as completely as they dominate e-commerce today.

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MyCustomer: How to incentivise omnichannel customers to identify themselves instore

Relevance has become one of the most important differentiators in retail today. Purpose comes a close second. But the sheer scale of choice consumers have means retailers must work extra hard to win them over. Thinking back to the pre-internet, non-digital era not so long ago, the store was the best proxy for relevance because it offered immediacy. Retailers simply had to make sure they were located close to their customers.

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The Grocer: What retailers could learn from Facebook's culture and practices

Tim Mason, our CEO, still regularly gets asked about the driving force behind Tesco’s obsession with the customer during the 1990s. It spawned the Clubcard loyalty scheme as the apotheosis of its ‘Every Little Helps’ marketing strategy. Miya Knights discusses how retailers need to learn from the likes of Facebook to share in the digital dividend.

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Omnichannel Retail: How to win customers with an ecommerce business model

Although our book focuses on redressing the imbalance between businesses’ ability to connect with customers digitally as easily in stores as they can online, Chapter 9 recognises the key role ecommerce plays. If customers are increasingly blending online and physical sales channels throughout their shopping journeys, then it is worth understanding why.

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Omnichannel Retail: A practical guide to performance marketing

This eighth Eagle Eye blog serialising the key themes explored in the book I co-authored with Tim Mason, "Omnichannel Retail: How to build winning stores in a digital world" represents the lessons he learned and how to use digital to overcome some of the marketing challenges he faced.

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