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Top five strategic steps to digital transformation in retail

It is essential to digitally transform a retail business and deliver a consistent customer experience instore and online. But what are the most fundamental strategic steps you should take?

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The Grocer: Customer insight will be crucial as Waitrose and John Lewis connect

Among the recent news about leading UK retailer John Lewis, you couldn’t miss the Partnership rebrand and bringing together of its ‘My John Lewis’ and ‘myWaitrose’ loyalty schemes. John Lewis chairman Sir Charlie Mayfield confirmed plans to trial a combined loyalty scheme across its two retail banners as part of its move towards an integrated corporate brand identity.

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Why your loyalty program must offer rational and emotional value to the customer

Loyalty programs have solidified themselves as cornerstones of many business’ customer engagement and retention strategies. It’s not difficult to understand why: loyalty programs are a channel through which to reward your best customers, incentivize incremental spend from all participating customers, and generate valuable behavioral and transactional customer data.

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Digital transformation focus shifts to customer experience

If industry events are anything to go by those held most recently underline the fact retailers have realised the strategic importance of digital transformation: it was a major theme from the Retail Week Tech. event held in London this week, for example. Facing increased economic uncertainties and pressures, retailers could perhaps be forgiven for looking for cost savings and efficiencies first from any digital technology investment.

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MarketScale podcast: Who's holding my wallet?

Miya Knights, our Head of Industry Insight spoke with MarketScale about how digital wallets are changing the retail experience for customers, the challenge of actioning data in a coherent way, and the way that blockchain could change the balance of power in the retail/customer relationship.

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The Grocer: What the latest Ofcom report tells us about digital change and the implications for retail

In what is a traditionally quiet month for deals and news while the world takes a well-earned holiday, the findings of Ofcom’s latest annual Communications Report grabbed my attention. Marking what the UK telecom regulator calls a “decade of change”, the report found mobile phones and TVs are the only communications devices with near-universal reach in the UK, penetrating 96% and 95% of households respectively last year.

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