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Customers don't want your product or what it does

Whether Amazon, Uber or Alibaba, there's a lot written about these digital-only players and the impact they're having on the traditional high-street and more traditional businesses. But maybe they're missing the real challenge - customers just don't want what you sell. Or more specifically, how you sell it. You can argue about tax advantages, skirting existing regulations or the perceived benefit of not being tied to an existing estate of bricks and mortar stores. However, the real advantage these digital businesses have is simply a focus on the customer rather than the product.

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Retail Merchandiser: understanding the 'three Cs' of successfully unlocking retail loyalty

Retailers understand that loyalty programs are crucial to their success, not only in terms of generating incremental purchases but for better understanding their customer behaviors, preferences and motivations. But what makes a loyalty program effective? Are there key pillars retailers must embrace to get loyalty right? And what happens when consumers – and the retail landscape itself – starts to evolve?

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The Grocer: Retail tech venture shows M&S is serious about digital-first

Marks & Spencer has just announced an exclusive joint venture UK partnership with startup accelerator Founders Factory to develop emerging retail technologies. The news follows barely a month after forging a partnership with Microsoft to integrate AI technologies into its customer experience, stores and wider operations, as highlighted by Eagle Eye CEO Tim Mason last month.

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Why your grocery marketing strategy should deliver both loyalty and promotions

Loyalty and promotions are the twin pillars of customer acquisition and retention strategies, and the grocery industry in particular is well-versed in these time-honored approaches. Promotions attract new customers and increase basket size, while loyalty programs reward high-value customers to keep them engaged with the brand. This is grocery marketing 101 for a good reason – these tactics work.

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The relevancy of the moment: how food & beverage conxtextual offers drive conversions

For every consumer decision, there is a specific moment when the choice is made. Whole industries are dedicated to helping consumer-facing businesses influence that moment of choice. But what continues to be a challenge for many businesses – including restaurants, bars and other food and beverage operations – is pinpointing when that moment occurs and having the right strategy in place to effectively “nudge” the consumer to making the decision they want them to.

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Retail Insider: how eagle eye's technology is helping Canadian retailers understand, engage & retain customers

In a market that’s increasingly crowded with loyalty programs all vying for the same share of wallet, what opportunities – and options – do retailers across Canada have when it comes to offering customers more flexibility and choice in how they redeem their well-earned rewards?

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