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How a gift card programme can boost Father's Day sales

When you consider consumers are set to spend $16 billion on Father’s Day gifts in the US alone, it pays to consider how a gift card programme can help tap into this and other seasonal gifting opportunities. The digitalization of gift programmes affords businesses a unique opportunity to gain unprecedented levels of insight into new and existing customer behaviour.

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The Grocer: Metcash's new Fresh Pantry format shows the power of 'will plus skill'

I often say that it takes ‘will plus skill’ to run a successful retail business. This is never more important than today, given the need to meet fast-evolving consumer demands by blending digital smarts with core merchant skills. So, I was both heartened and proud to see the talent and skill, combined with the will to innovate, demonstrated by the work of former colleagues during a visit to Australia recently.

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Omnichannel Retail: How to create the digitally augmented store of the future

A well-executed ‘omnichannel’ strategy offers a seamless customer proposition across sales and marketing channels. It also does so profitably, thanks to the integration and optimisation of end-to-end operations too. In this fifth Eagle Eye blog serialising Omnichannel Retail, we continue to explore the role of the physical sales channel in this mix.

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Retail TouchPoints: Exclusive Q&A: ‘No Longer Sufficient’ To Market To An Anonymous Customer Base

Despite their name, customer loyalty programs are not really about instilling loyalty. A more accurate name might be customer data-gathering mechanisms (really rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?). It may not sound pretty, but loyalty — meaning more shopper visits and increased spend — are essentially happy by-products of a successful program, not its primary goal.

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Loyalty & building better experiences: Three takeaways from the 2019 Retail Marketing Conference

New digital marketing tools are always emerging, while the means of engaging mobile-enabled customers are becoming increasingly complex. Given this challenging dynamic, what are the most effective ways for retailers to profitably connect with customers and drive loyalty?

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Omnichannel Retail: Shining a digital light into stores

Omnichannel Retail explores the acquisition, conversion and retention strategies that will be effective for bricks-and-clicks retailers in future. Loyalty is not dead, but traditional customer loyalty today has limits. In this fourth blog post from the Omnichannel Retail series, we begin to focus on the role the store has to play in the total retail offer.

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