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Customers, Connectivity and Data: 3 Takeaways from STORE 2018

Recently, the Eagle Eye team attended the STORE 2018 conference hosted by the Retail Council of Canada. We heard and participated in several inspiring conversations with leaders from across the Canadian retail sector, but one discussion stood out from the rest: the notion that today’s consumers crave a sense of community—at work and at play. We live in a connected world where everything is transferred to our digital devices, but the consequence of this is we’re quickly losing the emotional human touch.

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staff rewards - how it works

Discover the five steps to creating a unique and intelligent staff reward scheme to help you engage your employees and manage rewards

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Tim Mason talks about our work with Loblaw

Our CEO Tim Mason talks about our work with Loblaw.

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whitepapers & guides

guide: food-to-go and restaurant loyalty

Today the UK restaurant and food-to-go markets are highly competitive, so leading chains and up-and-coming independents alike are looking to new technologies as well as tried and tested methods to gain and maintain loyalty from their customers.

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86 mass paper coupons - implementing digital loyalty strategies for today's restauranteurs

For an industry that places such a premium on repeat business, “regulars” and reputation-based brand affinity, many restaurant loyalty programs are still surprisingly old-school. Rewards programs tend to be simple point-accrual exercises designed to entice customers with the promise of free items—but little attention is paid to who the patron is, let alone what motivates his or her visit and dinning decisions

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Loblaw - the facts

Who is Loblaw? Want to know a little more? Check out these facts.

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