How to increase customer loyalty

Ensuring that increasing customer loyalty is at the forefront of your strategy is essential to maximising revenue and growing as a business. Loyal customers spend more, provide free word of mouth and visit more regularly.

Many retailers and merchants don’t realise that a loyal customer is worth 10x as much as their first purchase and, that the way to building customer loyalty is by giving the consumer what they want, with a convenient multi-channel approach.

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digital promotions
personalised digital promotions


Through digital promotions you can do exactly that. By using digital channels you can track consumer activity enabling you to get a better understanding of their shopping habits and therefore deliver more targeted and personalised offers, coupons and discounts. It also enables you to get a single customer view meaning whatever channel they are using you can identify them as one customer allowing you to streamline your future promotions based on what your customers actually want, increasing your promotion redemption rates, engagement and customer loyalty

Rewarding loyalty

Loyalty schemes work hand in hand with digital promotions, by giving merchants the ability to reward customers for their ongoing loyalty and to encourage and incentivise in-store/ restaurant spend further. With a digital reward programme you can trigger rewards and gift vouchers in real-time via your consumers preferred channel, whilst improving on personalised offers.

It’s all about convenience

There are nearly 40 million smartphone users in the UK alone (2015), so ensure that you are reaching out to existing customers, as well as new ones. Therefore providing a digital, multi-channel approach to allow your customers to access and redeem promotions through whichever device, or channel they choose is key to growing customer loyalty towards your brand.

The use of a digital promotions platform such as Eagle Eye AIR will power you to drive customer loyalty and engagement, whilst gathering valuable consumer data and getting a true ROI on your promotions and discounts; contact us for more information.