How to minimise costs linked to promotions

The well-known process of sending out bulk paper based coupons and promotions is costly and ineffective. The timescales involved are lengthy; from sending them out, to having them counted (often in another country) and then months later finally having the ability to work out an ROI, only to discover that you’ve had more redemptions that you originally planned, or not enough. This inefficient process can become extremely costly to you as a brand, both in time and money.

In a continuously fast-paced and growing digital world, it is imperative that brands, retailers and merchants take a digital approach to sending out promotions, coupons and discounts in order to dramatically cut the associated costs.

We all know the potential value and benefits linked to sending out promotional and coupon campaigns; to drive in-store footfall, increase spend and grow customer loyalty. But, many brands will be forgetting that in a digital world, consumers expect a personalised, digital, multi-channel approach.

personalised digital promotions
digital promotions - minimise voucher fraud
digital coupons, eliminate fraud


By using a real-time digital promotions platform such as Eagle Eye AIR you can minimise costs linked to promotions and coupons, whilst growing customer loyalty, driving footfall and spend, gathering real-time data on shopper behaviour and having the ability to monitor and change a promotional campaign whilst it is live.

Eliminate fraud and mal-redemption

Fraud and mal-redemption of vouchers can mount up to a fortune for many businesses. The use of a single-use code can eliminate voucher and coupon fraud and mal-redemptions.

The voucher, whether paper-based or digital cannot be used again and can only be used for its intended purpose. Therefore if someone were to have a Coca-Cola voucher, but had picked up a Pepsi, the unique code would be declined at the till prohibiting any use of the coupon against an incorrect product.

Using paper-based coupons effectively

Many brands want to stick with paper based coupons and a digital promotions solution can still enable you to do this by replacing any bulk, multi-use codes with single use ones. This means that the coupon can immediately be thrown away when it has been validated in real-time at the till, eliminating the cost of manual coupon counting, thus enabling a single customer view and the collection of shopper basket data.

Cutting out the manual and inaccurate process of the traditional paper based vouchers means that if a campaign is over or under performing you can change redemption limits and campaign rules live in real-time.

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