How to increase footfall and voucher redemptions

With the power of the internet and ability to shop online from anywhere at any time, it is essential that driving in-store footfall and sales are a priority for your business and from here ensuring that you are incentivising higher spend and increasing voucher redemptions.

Traditional methods of sending out bulk paper promotions to a huge untargeted audience are dated, whilst a more digital approach is beginning to take over. This can allow the collection of valuable consumer data, along with the ability to control and manage the campaign and redemptions in real-time.

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Through a digital promotions offering such as Eagle Eye AIR you can send and manage your promotional campaigns in real-time, whilst enabling the collection of shopper data. By sending out digital promotions across multi-channels, you can reach out to wider digital audiences, track a campaign’s effectiveness and, begin to build shopper profiles to send targeted and personalised coupons and promotions, driving higher footfall and redemptions.

Utilise the power of personalisation

Research shows that 73% of consumers prefer to do business with brands that personalise shopping experiences. The popularity of personalisation has grown massively, with shoppers expecting that a brand or retailer should know exactly what they want. With digital promotions you can evaluate basket data, to truly understand your consumers, what they want and what they buy most frequently.

By offering consumers discounts and vouchers for the products they buy the most, will enable you to drive more consumers into your stores or restaurants and increase redemption rates.

Reward loyalty to your brand

Personalisation leads to stronger customer loyalty and rewarding a consumer’s loyalty to your brand will naturally drive footfall, redemptions and sales. By simply sending a consumer a discount when they spend over a certain amount, will incentivise them to come into a store or your restaurant to redeem that discount over one of your competitors – 80% of consumers agree that digital coupons “close the deal” for them when undecided on a purchase according to research by RetailMeNot.

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