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Harvester releases their first Passbook voucher campaign

Harvester releases their first Passbook voucher campaign

UK restaurant chain Harvester has signed up as one of the first UK advertisers to distribute their first mobile voucher campaign using Apple Passbook. From today, customers who are using iOS 6 will able to use their iPhone device to download vouchers and send them directly to Apple Passbook making them available immediately to redeem in any Harvester restaurant in the UK.

Helen Worrall, Marketing Manager, Harvester said: “We are excited to be amongst the first in line to use this new way to distribute mobile vouchers to Apple Passbook users, offering our customers a better and more convenient experience. Not only does it provide us with a new way of engaging the iOS 6 iPhone users, but the benefit having one central point to digitally distribute and redeem vouchers in real-time means we have more control and visibility over our marketing campaign performance.”

The vouchers offer 1Harvester customers £5 off a £30 spend, and can be used at any Harvester restaurant across the UK. Targeted at families who are using iOS 6, banner campaigns promoting the offer are being run on Millennial Media’s mobile advertising platform. The banners direct consumers to the relevant microsite where the vouchers can be easily downloaded. A unique code is then assigned to each voucher and delivered straight to Apple Passbook, so it can be conveniently and securely redeemed in-store using Eagle Eye’s POS redemption technology.

Steve Rothwell, CEO of Eagle Eye, added: “The launch of Apple’s Passbook with iOS 6 marks the beginning of the end for paper and plastic based coupons and vouchers. The restaurant sector is notoriously competitive when it comes to deals, and research has proven there is a huge appetite from customers to make their decisions on where to eat out based on what offers they have available to them, mobile being key to this. We are proud to be in partnership with Harvester to use Apple Passbook as a way of securing their place as one of the most innovative and customer orientated restaurants in the UK.”

Gavin Stirrat, MD EMEA, Millennial Media said: “Targeting customers by taking advantage of the unique attributes of the mobile device enables brands and retailers to dramatically improve the relevancy of their promotional offerings. By layering in a technology like Eagle Eye and a consumer experience like Apple Passbook, it is now possible to close the loop on point-of-sale marketing campaigns, driving real value and efficiencies in the issuance and redemption of vouchers and coupons in a way more traditional channels cannot”.