Do you want the ability to streamline in-store processes, remove the traditional and costly paper coupon counting burden, along with the associated operational costs, have access to real-time basket and consumer data and harmonise cross-channel data sets to gain a single customer view?

If you can achieve all of this, you will be able to truly understand your consumers wants and interests, to therefore enable a more personalised approach, based on consumer preferences to build and grow customer loyalty.

With the Eagle Eye AIR digital promotions platform you as a Grocer can achieve all of this, whilst driving consumer loyalty, revenue, footfall and increasing redemptions and sales as a whole, whilst gathering valuable consumer data.

The Challenges

There are several challenges that exist in the grocery sector, which can all be solved with a real-time digital promotions platform, these include:

Tracking marketing effectiveness instore
Fragmented data across channels
Mal redemption and fraud

Lack of real-time consumer & campaign data

Fragmented data between channels

Mal-redemption & fraud from traditional coupons

Paper counting & reconciliation, which are timely & costly

The Eagle Eye solution

Through our digital promotions platform, Eagle Eye AIR you will be provided with the following features and solutions to your existing challenges:

  • Real-time basket and consumer data
  • Full basket validation
  • Digital counting and reconciliation
  • Omni-channel capability
  • Real-time and secure verification, redemption and reporting of promotional campaigns

The benefits to you

  • Increased revenue and sales
  • Gain a single customer view
  • Enable personalisation of offers and consumer loyalty
  • Removal of fraud and mal-redemption
  • Gather a marketing ROI by specific channel
  • Streamlined operational process
  • Management of staff discounts and rewards
  • Increased customer engagement and experience
  • Increased brand spend in-store
  • Decreased operational costs