Food to Go

As a Food to Go business you will no doubt have many bulk non digital promotions going out across various channels constantly, therefore making it hard to track campaign effectiveness and activity, to therefore gather an accurate ROI.

The fraud associated with stamp cards and traditional paper based coupons can work out be be extremely costly, but the use of a digital promotions platform can cuts these costs and give accurate consumer data, whilst driving footfall, sales and coupon redemptions.

The Challenges

Traditionally the food–to–go sector use paper based methods to encourage loyalty and sales, however this is often part of the problem rather than the solution and generates the following challenges, all of which can be easily solved with a digital promotions platform:

Fragmented data across channels
Low levels of accurate customer data
Tracking marketing effectiveness instore
Mal redemption and fraud

Multiple promotion channels

Low levels of accurate customer data

Inability to track customer activity across campaigns

Fraudulent use of stamp cards

The Eagle Eye solution

Eagle Eye AIR provides you with the following features:

  • Manage a balance of points on a per consumer or group basis
  • Each program is tied to a unique customer ID
  • Set up and management of:
  • Digital stamp cards with defined reward for completion
  • Point based reward schemes with optional exchange with other merchants
  • Cash back schemes
  • B2B gift voucher loyalty schemes
  • Ability to add promotional discounts and create digital coupon campaigns
  • Supports both plastic and digital including digitalisation of existing gift voucher programs
  • Real-time creation of eGift or plastic based gift vouchers (staff rewards)

The benefits to you

  • Real- time consumer data for key personnel/external systems
  • Increased consumer loyalty
  • Decreased operational costs from printing of paper based stamp cards
  • Elimination of fraud through real-time redemption and unique ID
  • Real-time tracking of existing gift vouchers (prompt dormant users through digital messaging – Eagle Eye Engage)
  • Manage customer complaints in real-time with digital eGifts
  • Real-time redemption data