In Lane Coupons

Drive repeat business with personalized promotions post-sale

With many customers visiting and transacting regularly, your stores or venues are a great, agile and cost-effective location to reach them. Using Eagle Eye AIR gives you the opportunity to target customers in real-time with personalized messaging, through physical coupons at the till or with digital coupons, SMS and in-app push notifications following a transaction. Customers will feel valued as they are engaged by compelling timely and tailored offers based on what they have just or not bought, or profile or purchasing history.


Connects POS, CRM and AIR so you can reach customers in real-time with relevant and targeted in lane coupons.


  • Engaging new and existing customers
  • Lack of personalization in promotional messaging
  • Cross-channel redemption
  • Providing variety in coupon formats


  • Tailored messaging at POS, based on basket content and single customer view CRM data
  • Same reward redeemable across sales channels


  • Operation cost-savings deriving from digitisation 
  • Engaging customer experience driving retention
  • Increased redemption rates
  • Increased frequency and average spend


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