Employee rewards

What is the key to a happy, motivated and stable workforce?

What do we do?

Motivated staff will keep your company growing. The more regularly staff engage with products and services, the better they understand the company’s offering and customer expectations and perceptions of the business.

Eagle Eye AIR enables you to implement and manage a scheme from which you can offer special rewards to your employees whenever and wherever they purchase your products and use your services.

Staff rewards

All-in-one rewards platform

All-in-one rewards platform

Eagle Eye AIR gives you the opportunity to implement, manage and monitor your staff rewards scheme whether you’re creating it from scratch or digitising your existing one

Maximum flexibility

Maximum flexibility

Eagle Eye AIR easily integrates with your POS and eCommerce platform. You just need to define; type of rewards and applicable rules, whether one-size-fits-all or tier-based system (e.g. seniority level, length of service, area of work, etc.) and how rewards are accessed e.g. app or card

Fraud control

Fraud control

Eagle Eye AIR allows for real-time updates of eligible staff list and applicable rewards, immediate verification or redemption, real-time scheme reporting, combined with photo verification through card or app to safeguard against fraud

Measurement and optimisation

Measurement and optimisation

User-friendly tools let you track campaign performance, monitor participation and staff engagement so you can continually optimise your programme and its offering


Support and enable the digitisation of staff reward schemes, including those based on discounts or stored value


  • high employee turnover
  • competitive job market
  • providing true value to staff
  • improving participation in scheme
  • efficiency of scheme management
  • high levels of fraud
  • ensuring maximum performance


  • support of broad range of reward types
  • secure. real-time validation and redemption of rewards through integration with POS and e-commerce platforms
  • mobile SDK and white-label app
  • SMS, email and push notifications
  • deliver ad hoc rewards to individual or group
  • monitor and track scheme via the eagle eye AIR dashboard or integrated HR systems


  • retain existing and attract new employees
  • track and manage scheme costs
  • reduce fraud
  • reduce mal-redmeption thanks to always up-to-date eligible staff list and applicable rewards database
  • improved scheme performance
  • increased efficiencies

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