Let the games begin!

Gamification is about turning something boring into something fun. It’s about creating enjoyable and memorable experiences with your customers that are designed to drive digital engagement.

See gamification in action
Take inspiration from some of the gamification use cases that are possible with Eagle Eye AIR:
Missions and Quest Campaigns
Stamp Cards and Continuity Schemes
Or, create your own with Eagle Eye AIR’s flexibility.

Benefits of Gamification

Gamification allows you to engage with consumers, employees and partners to; inspire, incentivise, collaborate, share and interact, thus improving engagement and driving advocacy.
Stand out from your competitors and ‘lock’ customers in to shopping with you.
Design your gamification proposition to support overarching objectives; driving spend, increasing frequency, collaborating with suppliers, rewarding advocates and more.
It has an important role to play in delivering an omnichannel strategy, especially in promoting digital engagement instore.
Gamification has been reported to increased both engagement and loyalty by up to 30%. Customers love it when you keep it exciting for them!

Gamification in action

We teamed up with Asda to launch ‘Asda Rewards’, their new loyalty scheme that rewards customers with ‘points not pounds’. Gamification has been a critical element to the success of the programme as customers build up a ‘cash pot’ when purchasing a ‘star product’ or completing an in-app ‘mission’.

Missions are added to the app regularly and are designed to help make grocery shopping fun. They can range from buying a certain number of products from a particular department to spending a minimum amount over multiple visits. They’re designed to keep customers coming back.

Importantly, mission progress accumulates over time and customers are automatically enrolled onto missions in real-time when purchasing participating products, made possible with our real time POS integration. This delivers a smooth customer experience and ensures that customers are receiving their earned rewards.

Boost Engagement and Loyalty with Gamification

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