Update: Google Cloud Project Migration

Eagle Eye shared some exciting news with our clients about work we’re undertaking to enhance our IT infrastructure capabilities earlier this year as part of efforts to deliver on our goal of becoming a truly global digital marketing platform.

Eagle Eye shared some exciting news with our clients about work we’re undertaking to enhance our IT infrastructure capabilities earlier this year as part of efforts to deliver on our goal of becoming a truly global digital marketing platform.

We began the process of communicating about the migration of our IT infrastructure to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with the help of our hosting partner, Rackspace. Since then we have successfully moved our sandbox environment from Rackspace to Google.

Now we are working towards our UK production environment migration, which is planned for June 2019, and are now communicating diary dates and advance details of this change as promised. We also need to confirm that your technical teams and any third parties that use an Eagle Eye integration on your behalf are prepared.

So, we are contacting you now about upcoming changes that are *essential* to ensure there is no disruption to your service.
  • When will the UK production environment move and what will be migrated?
The production migration from Rackspace to Google Cloud will take place between 2am – 4am BST on Monday, 24th June 2019. This time is the least impactful to the majority of our customers and the migration has been designed to minimise any service disruption.

All existing data stored in our production environments will be migrated across in its entirety.
The migration to Google Cloud means you will need to use new domains to access the Eagle Eye platform when in Google Cloud. The domains that are changing are listed below.
The migration will also include a change of SSL certificates and IP addresses.

There is no additional change to the Eagle Eye platform functionality, and all existing integrations will continue to work as they do currently once we have moved to Google Cloud.
However, please note that, after the migration date, the old domains, IP addresses and SSL certificates will no longer work.

Domain name changes

  • What do clients need to do?
Starting from today, you will be able to use the new domain names in parallel with the old ones to communicate with the Eagle Eye AIR platform while it is still hosted by Rackspace.
To limit the impact to your service during the migration we ask that you switch to the new domain names as soon as possible.

By using the new domain names now, this will ensure a smooth transition of your service as we migrate from our existing infrastructure to our new one, mitigating the need for you to make the changes during the maintenance window on Monday, 24th June.

Our existing domain names will not work post the migration date and will return an error if they are used once the migration has been completed.

Only the domain names listed below are impacted by our migration to Google Cloud.

Any other eagleeyesolutions.co.uk or eagleeye.com domains that are *not* listed below will not be migrated and should continue to be used after our migration.
Current Domain Name New Domain Name New IP Address
air.eagleeye.com portal.uk.eagleeye.com
pos.eagleeyesolutions.co.uk pos.uk.eagleeye.com
consumer.eagleeyesolutions.co.uk consumer.uk.eagleeye.com
wallet.eagleeyesolutions.co.uk wallet.uk.eagleeye.com
sftp.eagleeyesolutions.co.uk sftp.uk.eagleeye.com
insights.eagleeyesolutions.co.uk insights.uk.eagleeye.com
resources.eagleeyesolutions.co.uk resources.uk.eagleeye.com
If any of your services connect to secure.eagleeyesolutions.co.uk, this domain will stay in place after the migration and you *should not* change this domain name. 
  • How will the migration will be completed?
During the maintenance window on Monday, 24th June, Eagle Eye will update the DNS records for the new domain names to point to our new Google Cloud infrastructure.

At the same time our old domain names will stop working and all requests to our Rackspace environment will return an error.

To limit the service impact, please ensure your systems respect the Time to Live (TTL) on DNS lookup of the new Eagle Eye domains. The TTL on the new domains will be set to 5 minutes.

SSL changes

As the Eagle Eye AIR platform will be using new domain names within Google Cloud, the SSL certificates that are currently being used will be replaced to work with the new domains. These new SSL certificates are already in use for the new domains above.
  • What do clients need to do?
In most cases, systems connecting to Eagle Eye will automatically accept the new SSL certificates, in which case you do not need to do anything in order for the new SSL certificates to work.

If you’re aware that your systems need to have the new SSL certificates loaded, please contact support@eagleeye.com to receive a copy of the certificate files.

IP address changes

  • What do clients need to do?
Unfortunately, we will not be able to move our IP addresses from Rackspace to Google because of the way IP addresses are allocated globally.

The new Eagle Eye domains will include new IP addresses that are used to connect into our platform.

The IP addresses used by the Eagle Eye AIR platform to connect to your systems will also change – for example, when we send notification events, or if we drop files onto your SFTP servers.

The domain name table above also includes the changes to IP addresses for inbound communication from your systems to the Eagle Eye platform. If you have outbound whitelists on your firewall, you should add the IP addresses above as far in advance of the migration event as possible, in preparation for the DNS change on the Monday morning.

For communication into your systems from the Eagle Eye AIR platform, we will be using one of the following four IP addresses:-
To minimise disruption of service you should add these IP addresses to any inbound whitelists you have on your firewalls *before* Sunday, 23rd June 2019.

While we are using the new domain names on our existing infrastructure, our existing IP addresses will remain in use until we have completed the migration.

Do not remove any existing IP addresses at this stage that have been whitelisted for outbound or inbound traffic from the Eagle Eye AIR platform.

Shortly after the migration event we will let you know that you can remove these existing rules from your firewalls.

Next steps

To minimise service disruption and ensure a smooth migration to our Google Cloud Platform, please ensure the following tasks are completed as soon as possible:
  1. Update your systems to use the new Eagle Eye domain names. This must be completed by 9am, Monday 20th May 2019
  2. If required, add in the new IP addresses above to your firewall outbound or inbound whitelists.
Please also ensure you send this communication on to any third parties that use an Eagle Eye integration on your behalf and ensure that they action these changes.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Eagle Eye about its GCP migration. You can also hear Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Steve Rothwell, discuss the GCP project during our recent webinar here.

If you have any questions or issues in the meantime, please contact your Account Manager, or email support@eagleeye.com, where the team will be ready to assist you.