What's on the horizon at Eagle Eye: November 2022

In our latest product update, we summarise all the exciting features our product team have been working and are coming soon.

What's on the horizon at Eagle Eye?

  • Marketing in the Moment
  • Loyalty Tiering
  • Quest Campaigns
  • Social & Behavioural Actions
The next big transformation in marketing – enabling businesses to interact with customers in a personalised and contextually relevant way to influence purchasing decisions at the exact ‘moment’ when it will deliver the optimum value.


Download your copy of the Marketing in the Moment Whitepaper to learn more.

Enabling businesses to deploy schemes which use dynamic tiering where consumers can receive defined benefits depending on which tier they belong to.

Increase engagement by creating more complex and gamified campaigns which incentivise customers to perform a variety of behaviours over a defined period of time which, when completed, will unlock a reward.

Incentivise customers not only to spend or visit more but also to perform other non-purchase/transactional behaviours such as liking a social media post which drive advocacy.

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