The Coca-Cola Company, recognised for their flagship Coca-Cola brand, has grown to become one of the world’s most recognised and valuable brands. In a bid to overcome the stereotype of ‘diet’ drinks b

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the challenge

Coca-Cola wanted to run a campaign offering customers a free 500ml bottle of its Coca-Cola Zero product to encourage brand adoption and customer engagement. For this promotion Coca-Cola wanted the ability to monitor the success and effectiveness of the campaign by monitoring the performance of individual media distribution channels.

the solution

The campaign was launched through several issuance channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Coke Zone and mobile gaming apps. From these channels, customers were directed to the Coca-Cola microsite, and once they had inputted basic personal details they received the redemption code for their free Coca-Cola Zero. Integration of the Coca-Cola campaign microsite with the eagle eye platform enabled a seamless customer journey, from voucher issuance to redemption.
The eagle eye platform generated a unique coupon code for each customer. Once redeemed by a customer at a participating outlet, such as Greggs or One Stop, the unique code was effectively ‘burnt’ at the till, eliminating the possibility of future voucher mal-redemption.

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the result

The Coca-Cola Zero campaign had a redemption rate of over 25% with over 370,000 voucher redemptions at over 2,500 locations. A major contributing factor to the popularity and success of this campaign was the viral social media channel and online response.

the benefits

·         Accurate and real-time campaign management
·         Increased brand awareness through viral social media campaign
·         Successful product campaign of Coca-Cola Zero
·         Elimination of voucher mal-redemption with unique coupon codes
·         Swift and seamless user journey

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