How managing costs and offering new digital experiences can drive recovery for the food services ind

How managing costs, while offering new digital experiences will be driving success on the road to recovery for the food services industry.

Author: Sean Keith, Business Development Director at Eagle Eye

This is a challenging time for the food services industry.
With unprecedented impacts for businesses across scales, we’re only now beginning to start thinking about what the future can look like – and about what ‘winning’ in the ‘new normal’ will consist in for our food service industry partners.
As the ‘new normal’ begins to take shape, businesses are going to be looking for ways to continue innovating and offering stellar customer experiences while seeking to manage costs. In many cases, the provision of customer journeys is managed  
Connections: We aggregate these to power cool journeys.
We’re already seeing customers responding to the closure of our favourite restaurants by shifting to online channels for online ordering, or to deepen engagement on social media. But even before the current situation, we’ve been seeing customers coming to expect options in mobile, web and social in addition to email and in-store options. Within each of these channels, customers are also coming to expect an evermore personalised kind of content, targeting recognition, rewards, promotional offers and content that resonate with them as individuals, make ‘sense’ for the channel, and that create a customer benefit.
We’re working constantly to build and aggregate these connections -- from emerging engagement and acquisition channels to Point-of-Sale, so you don’t have to. We see this reducing tech development costs and expediting roadmaps for our clients along the way.
Consolidation: We remove additional tools (and costs!) you may not need.
Depending on the scale and structure of your business, we see our clients leveraging the AIR platform to act as a basic CRM tool, email delivery mechanism, rules management system for promotions, in addition to our capabilities around real-time, unique offer management and sophisticated customer loyalty. We can help add functionality to your customer engagement toolkit while stripping out licence and support fees in the process.
People: We simplify and reduce the time it takes to manage your campaigns and optimize your targeting.
The human time – marketing and technological – required to manage and launch initiatives can be significant depending on your business. One thing we hear from our clients is that by unifying loyalty, promotions, mobile app capabilities and connectivity to store systems, the program administration loads are reduced. Having a single point to manage programs simplifies the day-to-day, and our automation capabilities in channels like social do a lot of the heavy lifting, again, so you and your team can focus elsewhere.
We’re keen to help – Now more than ever.
If you’ve got a journey you’re thinking about, from Wi-Fi and beacons to online ordering, to mobile apps, loyalty or promotions, we’ve got an existing set of tools to streamline the process, build your first-party data assets and power the most creative and sophisticated marketing journeys in the world.
To help kick things off and in light of the current challenges, we’re also offering substantial discounts on setup fees and monthly fees.
In short, we work with some of the most lovely and progressive restaurant industry partners in the world, serving millions of guests across more than 45,000 locations globally. We’d love to talk about how we can help you win the recovery.