OUR MISSION is to enrich the lives of everyone we come into contact with

What we do

Through Eagle Eye AIR, our best-in-class loyalty and promotions omnichannel SaaS platform, we enable companies to connect all aspects of the customer journey in real time, unlocking the capability to deliver personalisation, streamline marketing execution and open up new revenue streams through promotions, loyalty, apps, subscriptions and gift services.

Why Eagle Eye

Personalise at scale: Currently managing +40m unique loyalty members and issuing +350m personalised offers to them per week.

Tried, tested and proven: Trusted by the leading, global omnichannel retailers

Seamlessly integrated: Our flexible cloud-based architecture integrates seamlessly with your existing tech stack, removing current systems constraints

Recognised by Industry Experts



Loyalty Technology Solutions Landscape Q4 2022



Technology Today Report, 2021

How do we do it?

Through our amazing people!

It’s our dedicated team of people that is key to driving Eagle Eye’s business potential.

All the value we create is thanks to our people. Our goal is to be an exceptional place to work, which will lead us to deliver exceptional results. We aim to enrich the lives of everyone we come into contact with by creating exceptional value for by following our below beliefs. We passionately believe that the culture we have created sets us apart.

Where we are

We have a global presence, with offices and customers around the world.

How it all started


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