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Tesco Clubcard offer online digital reward tokens

Tesco Clubcard offer online digital reward tokens

Just 6 months after partnering with Tesco Clubcard, seven partners have now signed up to offer digital rewards. Driven by the initial trial results where 96% of consumers opted to receive their offers digitally, Tesco and Eagle Eye are driving to move more Reward partners to the digital reward fulfillment of offers.

Using this innovation, customers can now receive their Tesco Clubcard Reward tokens within two hours of request, instead of waiting five days under the paper-based option. A unique code is automatically generated and sent via a personalised email that enables customers to use their Reward tokens immediately in outlets including Pizza Express, Café Rouge and Goldsmiths. This simplifies and enhances the customer experience when using Clubcard Rewards.

In each case, a unique code is assigned to the Reward and redeemed digitally in retail partner outlets using our digital promotions platform, which supports barcode and keyed entry, ensuring it can only be used once.

Steve Rothwell, CEO Eagle Eye commented;
“Retailers now understand it is easy to adapt their in-store technology in order to process redemptions securely and in real-time. A central platform that is able to support digital voucher distribution services, such as Tesco Clubcard Rewards, provides retailers with the means to benefit from digital offers and loyalty capabilities through multiple channels.”

Rob Graham, Head of Clubcard Rewards at Tesco said:
“Clubcard Rewards are already a really popular way for our members to spend their Clubcard tokens and the introduction of a digital reward options gives our members more choice and flexibility to use their Clubcard Rewards whenever they want.

Working with Eagle Eye has helped us to facilitate a way for our retail partners to offer digital rewards securely and to adapt our programme to meet the increasing customer demand for speed and convenience.”