Eagle Eye AIR

Eagle Eye AIR is our market-leading, multi-patented digital promotions platform.

The system puts our clients at the heart of a connected network – allowing them to deliver high volume, relevant and measurable campaigns.

Because Eagle Eye AIR is able to integrate seamlessly with all existing POS systems, it lets you create compelling digital promotions and rewards in real-time. These can be delivered to your customers swiftly and securely by email, text or via a loyalty app for instant redemption.

Apart from a huge increase in your customers’ spending activity, Eagle Eye AIR also leads to much closer bonds between the customer and your brand, shop or restaurant.

Eagle Eye AIR encompasses 4 main products; Promote, Reward, Gift and Engage, which can be used separately or together depending on your needs.

eagle eye air - digital promotions, loyalty, rewards

Promotion and offer management

Loyalty and staff incentives

Gift vouchers and customer care

Digital consumer engagement

What types of promotions are supported by the Eagle Eye platform?

The platform supports the full range of promotional offers and rewards including those applying to individual products or product groups, multi-product promotions, money off and discounted basket, BOGOF, brand national and brand exclusive offers as well as single use or multi-use stored value vouchers accepted as tender.

How does the platform perform basket validation for product or product group specific promotions?

Basket validation can be performed directly by Eagle Eye in the cloud using its Basket Analysis Engine or alternatively Eagle Eye can return the POS promotion identifier or business rules as part of the verification of an Eagle Eye promotional code in order to trigger basket validation on the Point of Sale.

Does your vouchering service support the provision of a barcode? If so, what barcode standards can you support and are there any restrictions?

We can support any barcode display format based on what is supported by the client(s) in store scanning capabilities and technology at Point of Sale. We also support alternative redemption mechanics including keyed entry and contactless.

How is user access to services and functionality offered by the platform controlled and secured?

The AIR platform is fully configurable in terms of user roles and assigned permissions, and on a client by client basis. Typical roles will include an admin role for managing users and configuration settings, authoring and approver roles for campaign setup and management, reporting user role, contact centre role with access to voucher history and customer care services for example. A named users access rights are determined by their allocated role and the organisation unit to which they are assigned.

Do you have Vulnerability Assessments undertaken on your network?

We operate a regular schedule of both vulnerability and penetration testing, using both industry-standard in-house tools and services, and third party best-of-breed security partners. The results of these tests are fed into a specific security stream within our product roadmap planning system, to ensure that security issues are appropriately prioritised and actioned along-side the general development of the platform.

What information security policies and procedures does your solution adhere to?

Eagle Eye uses the ISO27000 suite of standards to guide its business and operational practices ensuring that we implement, review and maintain formal, documented policies for all areas of Information Security from correct classification, labelling and handling of information, through to best-practice guidance for our software development methodology.

How does the service scale as the number of transactions and users increases over time?

Eagle Eye AIR has a dynamic and virtualised hosting architecture enabling additional servers, processors and / or RAM to be systematically and automatically brought online / offline subject to load passing through the load balancers.

What measures are in place to provide the business continuity of your service?

The Eagle Eye AIR managed service is actively monitored on a 365 x 24 x 7 basis by systems engineers and our Rackspace provided hosting service has a 100% network availability SLA, a virtualised server environment and n+1 redundancy at all levels.

What reporting is available within the solution?

Eagle Eye AIR provides real-time reporting based on Elastic Search technology to show the performance of any promotional campaign in terms of created, issued, arbitrated (verified) and redeemed offers over any time period and using a number of filters and reporting tags such as the redemption location (store outlet). Graphical reports can be invoked through the Eagle Eye AIR Dashboard and results extracted to CSV and other download formats. Scheduled extracts of collected issuance and redemption data can be configured for downstream processing by the clients existing Business Intelligence or other analytical toolsets.

What functionality is available to Contact Centre agents / representatives?

Eagle Eye AIR provides a rich set of functionality to respond to end customer queries and support issues. Facilities include the ability to:
• Search for, and view, the current content, status and event history for a given customer’s rewards wallet
• Search for, and view the full event history, for a given offer, reward or voucher code
• Cancel a previously issued code to prevent further use
• Re-send or re-issue to the customer, a previously communicated offer code to existing or new mobile phone number or email address
• Create an on-demand digital voucher or coupon that can be immediately sent to the customer via mobile, email or in-house communication as compensation for sub-standard customer service.

How is mal-redemption and mis-redemption of offers controlled in your platform?

These are controlled through business rules defined within the offer setup wizard and assigned when an individual offer or reward is created and issued. Common rules included limits on issuance by customer, total issuances, and maximum redemptions by offer and overall campaign, qualifying products for a promotion etc. Alerts can be configured for when a campaign approaches or reaches these thresholds so that the offer can be temporarily or permanently withdrawn.

How do we archive lesser used or old campaigns?

As standard all campaigns, including expired campaigns, are retained for reporting and cloning purposes. Filters by status allow Expired campaigns to be excluded from views within the Dashboard. Any archiving is performed on a client specific basis based on their requirement.

How do we tell which of our campaigns are live?

Campaigns status is displayed within the AIR Dashboard views and filters can also be used to only display Live or Pending campaigns for example.

What do we need to do to start a campaign?

The campaign needs to be created and completed in the AIR Dashboard using the Campaign Setup wizard and (optionally) approved based on the clients approval workflow. Campaigns that have been fully approved and reached their defined start date / time assume an Active status whilst approved campaigns that have yet to reach their start date/time have a Pending status.

How is the data shared?

Reporting data is available for CSV download as standard and scheduled CSV reports to a given email distribution are also supported. Voucher events (e.g. redemptions) can be configured and published in XML and JSON formats to a client or partners defined endpoint and at an agreed frequency. Client specific data feeds are also supported and defined during project scoping.

What kind of data is available on campaigns?

Campaign performance reports at summary and detailed (voucher) level are available within the AIR Dashboard and show statistics on voucher creations, verifications and redemptions. Any data collected and available on creation and redemption of individual vouchers including channel, time, location, basket etc is also stored and available for onward reporting and analysis.