Distribution Partners

Looking to enhance your digital coupon, voucher and promotional campaigns for yourself or your partner brands? Connecting to our digital promotions platform, Eagle Eye AIR can deliver you and your partners a number of benefits and capabilities.

Eagle Eye is the SaaS technology company that validates and redeems digital promotions in real-time for media agencies and their incumbent brands. Our distribution partners play a large part in this, allowing us to enable brands to reach out and engage with new consumers.

Engage customers
Optimise live campaigns
Connect any campaign

Manage data via existing management tools

Optimise live campaigns

Track & evaluate offer-led campaigns

The benefits…

  • Connect any campaign to an offer redemption event, in any sales channel
  • Profile customers by redemption events
  • Manage data via existing management tools or introduce new capability
  • Track and evaluate offer-led campaigns
  • Optimise live campaigns
  • Provide rationale for customer to provide an ID
  • Provide reliable data to inform commercials e.g. Affiliate deals

The opportunity…

Our distribution partners provide a reach of over 50 million people in the UK, giving you huge potential to engage with new consumers immediately, grow brand awareness and build customer loyalty through secure, real-time digital promotions.