Product Benefits

Our digital promotions platform, Eagle Eye AIR offers many benefits to retailers, grocers, brands hospitality brands, which will all work together to increase on-site footfall, customer loyalty, brand awareness and customer experience, whilst giving you the ability to offer a more personalised experience to your consumers.

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Real-time consumer tracking

Improved Customer Experience

Improve customer experience

The Eagle Eye AIR Platform

Our Eagle Eye AIR digital promotions platform powers 4 main products. These products work together to enable you to deliver high volume, relevant and measurable real-time digital promotion, voucher, discount and coupon campaigns.

Through our digital promotions platform; Eagle Eye AIR, you can drive revenue, sales, in-store footfall and build customer loyalty and engagement, whilst decreasing operational costs, eliminating coupon fraud and mal and mi-redemption, as well as gaining an accurate marketing ROI on your promotional activity.

The power of digital promotions

The benefits of our 4 digital promotion products speak for themselves when being used separately, or in conjunction with one another. Allowing you to really understand your customers and their shopping behaviours; enabling a personalised and targeted consumer experience.

The world is moving rapidly into new and ever growing digital territories. As a retailer, brand or merchant it is imperative that you understand how to tackle the challenges that you face within the promotional area and the activity you generate, which can all be solved through a digital promotions platform.

Understanding the power of a digital promotion solution is essential to maximise your revenue and sales as a business. For more information on any of our products or services, you can contact us here.