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Rackspace supports Eagle Eye move to Google Cloud for platform scale and growth

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Rackspace, the technology services company, has received recognition for helping to power a five-fold (556%)* increase in Eagle Eye’s ability to manage the promotional and loyalty activity of market-leading retail merchants and brands in the last financial year.

Rackspace worked with us to accelerate the time to value of our migration to Google Cloud. Our Eagle Eye AIR platform supported 403.7 million redemptions and interactions globally during the period for brands including Tesco, Heineken, Pizza Express, Greggs, M&S and Loblaw.

Through the collaboration, we can process up to 3,000 API requests per second and take full advantage of the increased scalability and reliability of Google Cloud. The migration also enables improved performance, enhanced resilience and additional layers of security.

With the support of Rackspace’s fully managed service programme and ‘Fanatical Experience’ for customers, we are working to sustain our upward trajectory and implement the tools and technologies provided by Google, such as Artificial Intelligence, logging and monitoring to aid in the innovation of our AIR platform. Its real-time engagement capabilities now enable it to deliver faster throughput and response times to its customers, for loyalty, promotions and gift management.

“From their continuous support to their excellent culture, Rackspace has been an ideal partner to guide us on this journey,” said Steve Rothwell, Founder and CTO, Eagle Eye.

“By consolidating our technology estate across the globe, we’ve been able to create scale on-demand, rather than working with the continuous expense of ‘always-on’ data centres. What we’ve done here is achieve real efficiency, establishing a single set of build scripts, code releases and deployment methods for all our Google Cloud Platforms, even earning the project recognition at Google Next 2019, seeing Rackspace named as Google Cloud Migration Partner of the Year.”

Nick Henry, General Manager, Managed Public Cloud, Rackspace said: “We meet our customers at any step in their digital transformation journey to provide them with unbiased expertise. For Eagle Eye this meant they could focus on providing great loyalty programmes and coupons for their retail customers whilst we managed their migration to Google Cloud to offer the scalability they required.

“The award-winning migration is kudos to Fanatical ExperienceTM we provide our customers as we put them first through every step.”

For further information around Google Cloud Platform naming Rackspace its 2018 Global Migration Partner of the Year, please visit here.

* Redemptions and interactions increased 556% to 403.7m, FY18.