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Eagle Eye and Zipabout join forces to kickstart a green-led economic recovery

Ground-breaking technology promises to kickstart a green-led economic recovery from Covid crisis 

  • Oxontime trial proves effectiveness of Zipabout’s new service 
  • Enables transport operators to connect with brands/retailers & reward passengers for using public transport 

British technology company Zipabout has created an innovative solution to get the UK’s high-street back on its feet once lockdown ends and encourage growth in the future. It enables transport operators to connect with brands, businesses and retailers of all sizes and reward passengers for using public transport, encouraging sustainable options in the long-term. 
The idea is being championed by the government, transport operators and brands alike because it represents a win-win situation for everyone involved: 

  • Transport operators – improves customer experience and loyalty by offering passenger rewards and even a thank you for returning to public transport. Can also incentivise behaviour e.g., managing passenger flow around busy times or incentivising off-peak travel. 
  • Brands and retailers – engage with a local audience exactly when they want to hear from you without any of the traditional barriers or intrusive technology. 
  • Passengers – makes the journey a little nicer or a delay more bearable. Delivered directly by a trusted channel e.g., via a train operator’s app without the need for personal or geographical data. 

A pre-Christmas lockdown trial proved the effectiveness of the service. Working with EagleEye Solutions and its AIR digital marketing platform to enable the in-store redemption, Zipabout collaborated with an international café chain and Oxfordshire County Council’s Oxontime bus information service across both Stagecoach and Oxford Bus. 
Bus passengers using Oxford Bus Company’s Oxontime Connect on Messenger received a ‘Thank you for travelling’ message and were offered a free hot drink at their local cafe chain. At the end of their journey, they received a unique QR code and directions to their nearest store to redeem it. 
Alex Froom, Zipabout CEO, said: 
“Zipabout’s real-time personalised information service already helps passengers travel easily and safely. It can now connect bus and rail operators with brands and retailers, empowering them to reward and incentivise sustainable travel and help kickstart a green-led economic recovery from this crisis.” 
Al Henderson, Chief Sales Officer at Eagle Eye Solutions, added: 
“This is a great example of how technology can make a difference to our everyday lives. We are excited to be working with Zipabout to get people back onto the high street via public transport once lockdown eases. Our promotions and loyalty platform seamlessly integrates with Zipabout’s technology and the retailers’ point of sale systems to give customers that special treat."