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Countdown: Google Cloud Project Migration

Eagle Eye has been busy migrating its IT infrastructure to Google Cloud to enable us to scale our offer and deliver exceptional service in line with our clients’ growth.

As the 24th June migration date for our UK production environment approaches, we’d like to share an update on our work to prepare behind-the-scenes, as well as what we’ll be doing on migration day and beyond.

Our progress

Since migrating our sandbox environments in February, our engineering teams have been improving our infrastructure code, and testing it in our internal and sandbox environments.

We have also had a working production environment in Google Cloud for a few months now. We’re currently in the process of running full test suites against this new environment.

This work will ensure that Eagle Eye’s infrastructure and application are built and configured correctly. We’re also copying over our current Rackspace production environment data in real time to Google for 24th June.

We’ll be running test suites against this environment up to the 24th June to ensure any changes made in preparation for the migration have no impact on function or performance.

Migration day

Our migration day maintenance window will begin at 0200 BST on Monday, 24th June 2019. This maintenance window is scheduled for two hours, where our API and services will be unavailable.

During this two-hour window we will complete our final checks on the new Google Cloud environment and ensure it is ready to receive traffic. We will then block all traffic to our Rackspace production environment.

Once this traffic has stopped, we will wait for data to be replicated over to Google Cloud. Once completed, we will update the DNS records for the following domains to point to Google Cloud for traffic to flow to it:-


What clients need to do

It is important that you and any third-party providers managing access to Eagle Eye’s infrastructure and applications have made the switch to these new domain names in advance of the 24th June deadline.

If not, there will be an interruption to your service from 2am onwards until the changes have been made. Please reference this previous blog post, which contains all of the information on changes you need to make.

You must also make sure your systems respect the Time-to-live (TTL) on the above domains so that your systems can communicate with Eagle Eye’s Google Cloud environment as quickly as possible.

Once traffic is flowing, our engineers will monitor the Eagle Eye AIR platform to ensure it is functioning as expected, and no issues are observed. But our technical teams will be on hand to manage any that may occur.

We will also conduct the same level of testing on the environment as we would normally do following any new or updated application deployment to ensure that all parts of the AIR platform are working as expected.

Our engineering and operation teams are working in three shifts on migration day to ensure we can proactively fix any issues that appear.

If you or any third-party provider experiences any issues, please email detailing as much information as possible to help triage and diagnose problems quickly.

Post-migration activity

Although complete during the early hours of Monday, 24th June, the team managing the migration will continue to support operations and engineering, to triage and fix any production environment issues for the rest of that week.

Rackspace and Google Cloud teams will also be on urgent standby during the migration to help resolve any issues, and for the week after.

If you have any questions, please contact your Eagle Eye account manager or email, where the migration team is ready to answer any Google Cloud-related queries you or your teams may have.