What makes a customer loyalty scheme successful?

At Eagle Eye we work with some of the UK’s top tier 1s in the Retail, Food & Beverage and Food Services sectors, so we know how customer loyalty can benefit businesses. But what does it take to launch and maintain a successful digital loyalty scheme? Driving a successful customer loyalty scheme means you have met three core requirements; a great customer experience, flexible, robust, real-time transactional capability and an intelligent data management system.
The Eagle Eye AIR digital marketing platform delivers the real-time transactional capability and also offers easy-to-implement components for your customer engagement model.

How can you benefit from a digital loyalty scheme?

• Increased customer retention
• Attract new customers to your business
• Build brand advocates
• Customer lifetime value increases
• Drive customer engagement
• Collect valuable data to inform promotions


From simple stamp cards to complex multi-tiered benefit systems, loyalty and reward schemes work to attract new customers, retain existing consumers and increase spend.
Eagle Eye AIR helps you implement and manage your digital loyalty scheme with an advanced digital wallet that holds balances, entitlements and rewards against unique identities.
A unique identity number passes through the POS during transactions, capturing data and allowing you to proactively manage your schemes in real-time through the Eagle Eye AIR Dashboard.

A single customer view

Customers interact with merchants in various ways – through website, app and social media channels. They are also likely to use several identities – an email address, mobile number, username or unique codes. Eagle Eye AIR can intelligently link these identities to achieve a single customer view profile, incorporating these identifiers into points, collection and personalised reward generation.


A single customer view is only one piece of the digital loyalty scheme puzzle. In a world where digital innovation is perpetual and the number of channels, platforms and touch points customers use to interact with your business are constantly growing and evolving, customers expect a seamless customer journey. Utilising a single customer view in an omnichannel approach to customer loyalty schemes across, app, website and in-store ensures that your customers enjoy an engaging customer experience. With a host of issuance and redemption partners, Eagle Eye AIR can help you reach your customers across all variety of channels.


Configure, deploy and manage reward-based schemes across your customer base.


  • identifying customers without sign-up 
  • scheme management efficiency
  • combining points collection across channels
  • fraud and mal-redemption
  • communicating with loyalty members
  • differentiation
  • performance measurement 


  • stamp card-based schemes
  • points collection
  • value exchange
  • identity management
  • mobile sdks to create apps, push notifications etc.


  • optimise new customer journeys
  • retain and attract new customers
  • track and manage costs
  • reduced fraud
  • increased efficiency
  • enhanced supplier participation to scheme

Find out how implementing innovative customer reward schemes can boost footfall and increase engagement with existing customers

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