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Looking to drive customer retention and frequency of purchase?

Prepaid card or stored-value schemes are proven to engage with new customers and re-engage with existing customers, providing a more valuable customer journey and increasing in-store spend time and time again.

Better customer experience

A faster and more convenient customer journey will help retain customers and increase their frequency of spend.


Increase your customers’ loyalty

A stored value account can help you increase brand loyalty, enabling you to monitor the behaviour of each account holder and target them accordingly.


A secure, cost-effective and easy-to-implement platform to launch a prepaid/stored value account programme or digitise your existing one


  • poor customer experience
  • slow throughput at checkout
  • customer stickiness
  • customer data collection and analysis


  • easy identity management
  • mobile payment for faster checkout
  • data delivered in real-time to external CRM systems
  • on-demand or automated top-up


  • compelling and enhanced customer experience
  • increased frequency and loyalty
  • rich customer data capture allowing profiling and targeting

Discover how Greggs have used a pre-paid function to improve customer experience and drive footfall in stores

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