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Rewarding customer loyalty

Our core purpose is to digitally connect customers to businesses. We collaborate with our clients to build unique, actionable and value-driving customer engagement strategies, all of which are underpinned and executed through our best-in-class loyalty platform, AIR.

The Eagle Eye platform is extremely flexible and can be configured to meet any businesses’ stated needs, enabling them to create and launch loyalty or engagement programmes which allow them to recognise individuals for every interaction and to reward them accordingly for their behaviour.


Eagle Eye Reward supports and enables businesses to build and manage loyalty programmes, both digital and physical, in any way they require.

Reward is currently used by many blue-chip retailers to run simple stamp cards, points programmes, cashback schemes as well as reward exchanges. Regardless of the scheme type, Reward provides the ability for retailers to manage their scheme members, to recognise them when they transact, and to reward them for displaying valuable behaviours.

By integrating directly to the point of sale (PoS), we enable the real-time earn and burn of points/stamps/rewards at the moment of purchase, and also deliver data to in real-time to 3rd party CRM and data analytics systems. This allows for detailed analysis of customer activity which in turn, enables businesses to continually optimise communications and to deliver true personalisation.

All of this is underpinned by the Eagle Eye Air Wallet functionality, enabling a single view of the customer across every touchpoint and across your entire loyalty program.

Reward your customers

What we do

Eagle Eye Reward allows retailers to configure and manage omnichannel loyalty schemes, regardless of complexity. The types of schemes that can be implemented include:

  • Points collection and spend
  • Stamp collection and continuity schemes
  • Exclusive offer schemes (e.g. VIP programmes or tiered rewards)
  • Reward exchange

Using the Eagle Eye AIR Dashboard, businesses can proactively configure and manage their loyalty programme(s) in real time alongside other related campaigns and promotions. In addition, Customer Services can easily resolve any customer queries, adjust scheme balances and award goodwill via the Dashboard.

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