Driving committed engagement with subscriptions

In recent years, customers have consistently been demanding access to convenient, digital services from the businesses they interact with. It is clear that customers increasingly see value in access and utility, often over ownership and even price, and as a result, the subscription economy has thrived.

How to win with subscriptions

Businesses who are winning in this space are those who are able to deliver a seamless and consistent customer experience to their customers across all channels.

When done well, subscription programmes provide businesses with an incredible opportunity to build deep understanding of their most engaged customers, who they can go on to build strong, long-term, personalised relationships with.

Eagle Eye Subscribe

Eagle Eye Subscribe enables businesses to build and manage subscription plans in any way they require.

Subscribe is currently being used by a number of leading retailers across the globe to meet their own unique objectives, for example:

  • Competing with pureplay ecommerce businesses by offering added-value perks to subscribing omnichannel customers (e.g. access to exclusive content music & products)
  • Incentivising usage by providing utility for a monthly/annual charge (e.g. free delivery)
  • Offering subscriber-only deals such as ‘unlimited’ access to a pre-defined set of products (e.g. unlimited hot beverages) for a recurring fee to drive regular footfall

Essentially, Eagle Eye can provide the capability to offer subscribers any combination of access to products, services, promotions and partner incentives that the retailer wishes to deploy.

Regardless of the specific scheme plan, Subscribe provides the ability for businesses to easily manage their subscription members, to recognise them whenever and wherever they interact with the business, and to ensure that they receive all the associated entitlements with their plan in accordance with the defined plan rules.

Real-time integration at point of sale

By integrating directly to the point of sale (PoS), we enable the real-time recognition of customers and can therefore ensure that the correct entitlements (e.g. free delivery, free drink, early access to sale etc.) are allocated at the moment of purchase, regardless of whether that happens instore or online.

Via our integration, we also deliver data to in real time to third-party customer relationship management (CRM) and data analytics systems. This allows for detailed analysis of customer activity, which in turn, enables businesses to continually monitor their subscription performance and to personalise communications to customers based on how they interact with the scheme.

All of this is underpinned by the Eagle Eye Air Wallet functionality, enabling a single view of the customer across every touchpoint and across all of your customer engagement initiatives.

What do we do?

Eagle Eye Subscribe allows businesses to configure and manage omnichannel subscription plans, regardless of complexity. The types of plans that can be implemented include:

  • Access to added value services (e.g. free delivery, click & collect)
  • Accelerated loyalty points earn for subscribers (category/brand/SKU specific if required)
  • Access to subscriber only content and promotions
  • Access to ‘unlimited’ products (e.g. coffee subscription)
  • Access to exclusive customer service support
  • Free gifts
  • Financial services benefits (e.g. split payments)

Using the Eagle Eye AIR Dashboard, businesses can proactively configure and manage their subscription plan(s) in real-time alongside other related campaigns and promotions.

In addition, Customer Services can easily resolve any customer queries, adjust individual customers’ entitlements and award goodwill via the Dashboard.

Discover how Eagle Eye AIR can help you launch your own subscription service.

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