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Off-POS Integration Options

Providing you with flexible alternatives to connect with your customers in real time without having to integrate to the point of sale (POS)

To connect with customers and track engagement across the customer journey requires the capability to execute your strategy (be that loyalty, gifting, promotions, subscriptions and more) at the point of purchase.

Typically, we facilitate this by integrating Eagle Eye AIR to the POS, which enables us to validate and redeem any promotional code, reward or gift by simply scanning or entering the unique code at the POS. This typically provides a scalable, secure and seamless redemption journey.

For a variety of reasons, some businesses may not have the option of supporting a full POS integration and therefore we have developed a number of solutions that can be deployed in these scenarios.

Pin & Go

We have developed a simple customer journey to enable a fully mobile and off-POS redemption mechanic. Businesses can provide their customers with any type of promotion/reward/gift that would typically be sent to the customer via email or SMS.
To redeem the offer, the customer would simply go to a participating venue or store and open their code into a webpage, which can then be presented to your employees at the point of purchase. To redeem the code, the employee would be prompted to enter a location-specific PIN code into the customers’ device, which would create an API call to Eagle Eye AIR to verify and redeem the code in real time.

  • Requires no POS till integration
  • Quick to implement
  • No hardware required
  • Simple user journey for customers and employees
  • Real-time event notifications on redemption activity

Tap & Go

We developed the Tap & Go solution for businesses who wanted an even more streamlined redemption experience, whereby there is no requirement to enter a PIN in order to redeem any code. In this instance, the customer would simply show the employee their code on a webpage and then either the employee or the customer could press the ‘redeem now’ button, which would create an API call to Eagle Eye AIR to verify and redeem the code in real time. Unlike Pin & Go, when this solution is deployed, redemption location data is not available.

Redemption Portal

We have also built a fully skinnable web-based portal that your employees can access via a mobile device (tablet or smart phone). When a customer presents their unique code in-venue, your employees would simply have to enter the code details into the device (via a barcode or QR code scan, or by manually entering an alphanumeric code), which would create an API call to Eagle Eye AIR to verify and redeem the code in real time. The key benefits of this solution include:

  • Requires no POS till integration
  • Quick to implement
  • Centrally auditable through user log-in
  • Prevents against fraud using employee authentication
  • Basic reporting on all issuances, redemptions, location etc.

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