Eagle Eye App

Mobilising your performance marketing engagement

Eagle Eye App enables you to build relationships with new customers and boost loyalty with existing ones anywhere via mobile. 

Driving footfall and engagement and collecting consumer insight to build a single customer view to enable personalised marketing is achievable. Watch an Eagle Eye-enabled consumer journey in the Food and Beverage space.


Eagle Eye App enables you to drive sales by connecting with your customers wherever they are and engaging them with relevant, timely and compelling offers and content.
Eagle Eye App provides:

  • A fully branded and configurable mobile application;
  • Always-on engagement with and understanding of new and existing customers;
  • A means of delivering promotions that can incentivise the sale of one more product or one more visit;
  • A connection at the POS to validate promotionally-driven customer engagement in real-time; and,
  • Promotional marketing attribution and sales insights in real-time.


  • Low frequency customer visits
  • Limited customer data and visibility
  • Limited ability to personalise customer engagement
  • Limited appeal of with generic promotions
  • Low promotional return on investment
  • Real-time measurement and attribution of promotional sales


  • Easy-to-customise and quick-to-configure mobile app
  • Build a fully-permissioned CRM database for sophisticated customer analysis and segmentation
  • Push personalised messaging and content to targeted groups or individual customers in real time
  • Set up, launch and manage timely and relevant promotions
  • Deliver brand-funded promotions and reporting in real-time
  • Drive location and time-specific sales
  • Analyse app usage behaviour & campaign success in real-time for promotion optimisation


  • Increase sales uplift
  • Increase frequency and spend
  • Increase customer engagement and satisfaction
  • Attract new customers and foster increased loyalty among existing customers
  • Improve promotional conversion rates and return on investment
  • Increase supplier participation in promotions
  • Enhance integrated digital customer proposition

Discover how Eagle Eye App helps you drive engagement and loyalty whilst gathering crucial customer data and insights

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