Reach and Redeem

How do you measure the effectiveness of social media for driving sales instore?

Wouldn’t you like to know which social media channels and ads are driving customers into your stores and getting them to buy?  And wouldn’t you like to reach more people like them whilst optimising your media spend and proving a clear return on your budget?
Eagle Eye’s Reach & Redeem solution, brought to you in partnership with social lead generation experts Driftrock, streamlines how you run social media campaigns from ad placement, audience targeting to issuing promotional codes and tracking their redemption at Point of Sale.

Key features

  • Issue unique offer codes via social media lead ad campaigns via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn
  • Lead forms pre-populated to maximise conversion
  • Audience creation using Facebook and Google standard audiences or upload data using Facebook Custom Audiences or Google Customer Match
  • Automatic re-targeting to nurture code issuances through to redemption
  • Audience restrictions to stop exposing ads to those previously issued to and/or those who have already redeemed
  • Dashboard reporting to view real-time data on ad performance, cost per issuance, cost per redemption, reach


  • Bridge the gap between social media advertising and offline sales
  • Increased market reach and understanding of target market to further improve targeting and redemptions
  • Automates re-targeting of ads to boost campaign conversion
  • Collect GDPR-compliant consumer data in real time and sync to your CRM
  • Optimise your bid strategy and ad creative based on real-time sales results
  • End to end metrics from ad performance to sale
  • Prove ROI on your media spend
The complete way to run your social media advertising campaigns for customer acquisition.  And know that it works.

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