Casual Dining

Imagine if you could eliminate mal-redemption and fraud, increase loyalty, gain access to new audiences and track customer activity in real-time. As a casual dining chain you will be no doubt experience high levels of fraud associated from bulk promotions, but this no longer needs to be a problem you are faced with, with the use of a digital promotions platform.

By digitalising your offering you can massively reduce fraud and mal-redemption, whilst gathering valuable consumer data through a digital promotions platform to allow and more personalised and targeted approach.

The Challenges

The Casual Dining sector has seen a saturation in promotions and offers with customers constantly searching for the best deals, making it hard to encourage repeat business and customer loyalty. The key challenges that the sector needs to overcome are:

Mal redemption and fraud
Tracking marketing effectiveness instore
Lack of accurate customer data
Reaching people with a suitable offer at a relevant time

Mal-redemption & fraud from traditional coupons

Low tracking of customer activity across campaigns & restaurants

Lack of accurate customer data

Reaching people with a suitable offer at a relevant time

The Eagle Eye solution

Eagle Eye AIR will help address the key challenges that exist providing the following features:

  • Real time promotion validation at point of sale
  • Campaign criteria management; coupon type, discount value, location, time and date (Real Time rules based decision engine)
  • Multi-channel distribution
  • Supports plastic, paper and digital including digitisation of existing gift voucher programs
  • Customer care eGift vouchers
  • Real-time reporting
  • Multiple stakeholder access
  • Manage a balance of points on a per consumer or group basis for staff rewards or customer loyalty scheme
  • Each program is tied to a unique customer ID

The benefits to you

  • Omni channel coupon capability
  • Increased customer engagement and visits
  • Single customer view across all campaigns and venues
  • Elimination of fraud for offers and promotions
  • Decreased operational costs
  • More streamlined business processes