Case Study – Tesco Clubcard

The Tesco Clubcard is a well-known loyalty card scheme that operates in the United Kingdom, with over 15 million members (as of 2010). Through the Eagle Eye digital promotions platform, members can exchange points for digitally-delivered rewards.

Through the platform Tesco Clubcard can now offer their card holders the ability to easily exchange points for digital rewards or a digital voucher that is redeemable at popular nationwide outlets – such as Pizza Express.


  • Reduce operational costs and improve management efficiencies
  • Offer improved customer service and experience


  • Integrated with Tesco Clubcard site to issue digital vouchers
  • Customers able to exchange points for reward vouchers sent via email
  • Immediate redemption at enabled restaurants


  • Reduced voucher issuance time from 5 days to 2 hours.
  • 60% switch to email issued vouchers within first 3 weeks of launch.
  • 96% swing in 6 months.
  • Redemption volumes now exceeding half a million per month.

Because the entire process can be paperless, it is far faster and more efficient than traditional paper-based manual coupons to issue digital rewards. This means that customers receive their offer within hours, rather than days.