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United Kingdom
Phone no: 0844 824 3686

Head Office:
31 Chertsey Street,
Surrey, GU1 4HD

Digital World Centre,
1 Lowry Plaza, The Quays,
Manchester M50 3UB

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No boring buzzwords please.

We don’t want to be one of those companies with a load of generic values that are ignored and not lived. So we have adopted ours from behaviours which arose organically within our culture. Pretty cool, right?


Purple is our mantra...

We are pretty passionate about the colour purple, sure. But it’s not because it’s ‘pretty’ or anything like that. Well, maybe a little bit. But it’s mainly because it represents who we are as a company. We use it as an adjective for aspirational behaviour – our Purple Standard – and as a way to describe our passion and motivation for working at Eagle Eye. That’s why we keep banging on about it. 


Yes, we talk about Purple a LOT…

We use Purple as a way to describe aspirational behaviour – going the extra mile, creating something to be proud of, working hard for each other and approaching all of our work with energy and enthusiasm... It’s about being creative and passionate about transforming our ambitions, big or small, into realities.
But really, when you see it, you just know.


We want to be the friendliest company on EARTH... is that too ambitious?   

Working well together towards the same goal seems pretty obvious, but in itself it takes some work. We are trying to develop our communication and collaboration skills to create a supportive and effective working environment. At Eagle Eye, we work really hard and it’s not always easy, so sometimes you just need a little help from your friends… Did someone famous say that?


Work doesn’t have to be boring! (most of the time anyway…)

We know that ‘fun’ isn’t the same for everyone. Some people like go to the pub, while some people like to play board games. Some people like to get in front of a big crowd and perform their favourite karaoke song, and SOME people like to sit in a dark room hunched over a screen playing video games…. (like a lot of our engineers, now you mention it)

Whatever you find fun, we’re cool with it, let’s just all laugh together. Because life’s too short, you know?


Because living life in your ‘comfort zone’ is pretty boring, right?

We’re a tech company for Pete's sake. If we can’t adapt, then we’re not doing it right. So we love to get our creative hats on and come up with cool new ideas to implement to keep innovating. 
Whether it’s improvements to our product, more effective ways of working together, or even if it’s just how to make a better cup of coffee, we’re onboard! 


Remember ET?

Just like dancing at home alone in your pants, we think being a good person isn’t about other people SEEING you do it, it’s about just doing it, no matter what.  
Have empathy and respect others, be honest and listen to feedback. Be a good person and do the right thing, even when no one’s watching…