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United Kingdom
Phone no: 0844 824 3686

Head Office:
31 Chertsey Street,
Surrey, GU1 4HD

Digital World Centre,
1 Lowry Plaza, The Quays,
Manchester M50 3UB

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The life of a professional developer at Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye is a leading SaaS supplier of Digital Promotions services to Supermarkets and High Street Retailers. Next time you redeem a digital or paper coupon, collect points on your favourite loyalty scheme, or buy an online gift voucher, there’s a good chance that Eagle Eye’s SaaS services will be involved in processing a transaction to give you your rewards. 

As a talented, forward-thinking, open-minded developer at Eagle Eye you will be building the future of enhanced customer engagement experiences…

“Don't find fault. Find a remedy.” - Henry Ford

Enterprise performance levels

We work with the world’s leading Tier 1 retailers to ensure that their customers are at the heart of everything we do, pushing the limits of performance, uptime and service levels.
• Our systems are finely tuned to handle 3,000 API transactions per second

• 300 millisecond API response time

• 2 million active App users

• 1.2 billion API requests per month

• 170 million backend notification events per month


We hire people who are loyal to their teammates, working shoulder to shoulder, never blaming, but taking joint ownership and responsibility for delivering product features as a cohesive, dynamic, unified team, where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. We take pride in the work we deliver together.

“From my short time at Eagle Eye I have learnt a tremendous amount, more than any other workplace. I instantly felt accepted here and part of the family. My work and knowledge truly has meaning when working in a team of such brilliant people who are all trying to accomplish the same goal...” – Chris Feasey, Developer

Encouraging curiosity

We encourage an attitude of curiosity where we all grow in self-awareness and regard every situation as an opportunity to learn. We do not tolerate an attitude of blame game or the need to always be ‘right’. We are radically open-minded to finding out what is possible, instead of resorting to the safe option.

Our journey at Eagle Eye is just beginning, we’re just taking our first baby steps and you can help to define our future...

“We believe that Eagle Eye is a great place to work as a developer, where developers can become their best, where developers can serve their inner genius and where developers can try new things with an attitude of curious experimentation…” – John Durrant, Head of Software Development