Campaign Manager

Our market leading marketing communications platform Campaign Manager, enables you to deliver personalised and tailored mobile marketing solutions at a fraction of the cost associated with traditional marketing communications software.

Campaign Manager is a fully scalable digital marketing platform allowing marketers to send personalised digital messaging to their clients.

Fully MMA compliant, Campaign Manager allows the user to send a multitude of marketing messages across multiple channels. These can be linked to existing campaigns and CRM systems if required, enabling accurate reporting and monitoring across all activity.

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email digital messaging
sms digital messaging
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Mobile Vouchers

Push Notifications

Use Campaign Manager to:

Send digital messaging: SMS, email, push notifications and mobile vouchers

Integrate with your website for real-time engagement with your online customers

Add in a loyalty app, data capture or brand awareness activity through mobile apps and landing page creator

“Since 2007, over 2 billion messages have been deployed to over 100 million people worldwide”


Our subscription functionality allows you to spend more time on the campaign creation and deployment and less time thinking about the management of opt in/opt out data.  The digital platform manages the suppression of opt out data and also allows for campaign specific opt outs as well as generic ones, saving you time, money and effort in managing your data on a daily basis.

Use the inbuilt basic CRM function or integrate seamlessly into your existing CRM to trigger actions based on real-time client engagement.

Take a managed service option or use the platform as a self-service customer – with full support you can do either.