Become a reseller

Becoming a reseller of our digital messaging platform; Campaign Manager will enable you to ensure that you are offering your clients the best possible all-round digital marketing service

Campaign Manager is a feature rich mobile marketing suite that sits within our Engage product set. Campaign Manager allows marketing agencies, brands and other organisations to create, execute and track rich, sophisticated mobile marketing and advertising campaigns that truly engage with target audiences via:


sms digital messaging


email digital messaging

Gift Portals

gift portals

Mobile Apps

mobile apps

Content & websites

sms digital messaging

Location Targeting

location targeting

Social Media

social media channels

QR & Coupons

QR codes and coupons

Whether the marketer’s objective is to advertise, promote, inform, up/cross-sell, retain, increase customer satisfaction, grow customer loyalty or capture valuable data, Campaign Manager delivers a cost effective marketing solution that can either stand alone or integrate with other more traditional marketing channels.

Countless case studies have illustrated powerful response rates upwards of 30% and a return on investment within just one month, yet at a fraction of traditional marketing costs.

Using Campaign Manager as part of your existing services you can create a new revenue model for your business focusing on added value marketing communications.

As a reseller you will benefit from the following as part of our commitment to providing best in class service;

  • Low cost setup fee
  • Competitive credit prices for SMS & Email
  • Modular Access to our AIR platform and its services
  • First class support from a our support team
  • Low monthly licence fees
  • Full training on the platform
  • API connections to guarantee integration into your existing systems
  • Marketing & demo support
  • Access to our knowledge base
  • Account Manager where applicable

As a Digital Messaging Reseller with Eagle Eye you have the ability to utilise our unique, patented AIR technology and add our further three products to your reseller package; Promote, Reward and Gift.

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