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Eagle Eye AIR

Find out how our enterprise-ready promotions and loyalty platform can boost your business, drive conversions and grow your audience today

Introducing Eagle Eye AIR

Eagle Eye AIR is our API-based SaaS platform which provides the most flexible, scalable and future-proofed promotions, loyalty and gifting capability in the world.

AIR solves the primary problem faced by leading businesses when trying to build, deeper, more personalised relationships with their customers – connection.

We’re ‘The Connection Guys’

We work with the world’s leading retailers and seamlessly integrate with their tech stack (see list of integrations here), providing them with the technology to connect all aspects of the customer journey in real-time.

Once connected, existing systems will no longer hold you back from executing your strategy, your existing marketing operations will be streamlined and you will unlock the full power of personalisation.

AIR has been deployed for over ten years, servicing over 300 retailers, brands and connected partners across more than 50,000 connected stores globally.

Air Platform Benefits Diagram

Why Eagle Eye AIR?

Consolidate your tech stack

Consolidate your tech stack

Save time, money and effort by consolidating the tech stack, removing existing systems limitations

Personalise at scale

Personalise at scale

Deliver personalisation to grow revenues and profit

Unlock new revenue streams

Unlock new revenue streams

Open up new, profitable revenue streams by commercialising access to your connected customers for your supplier base and 3rd party partners

Become truly omnichannel

Become truly omnichannel

Drive customer engagement by providing seamless, omnichannel experience. The difference between multichannel and omnichannel is that although all channels are available to a customer in multichannel, they are not connected

Optimisation at your finger tips

Optimisation at your finger tips

Continually test, learn and optimise

Next gen customer engagement strategy

Next gen customer engagement strategy

Innovate and ensure your customer engagement strategy is future proofed

Patent protected technology

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