Agencies & Brands

As a media agency or brand, the process of running a promotional coupon campaign can be expensive and inaccurate when it comes to retrieving the results and gaining a true ROI – It really doesn’t need to be.

The use of a digital promotions platform enables the secure, real-time, multi-channel issuance, management and redemption of digital promotions, coupons and rewards, replacing previously used paper-based methods.

Eagle Eye’s platform enables you as a media agency or brand to create compelling digital offers, rewards and vouchers in real-time – then deliver them to your customers swiftly and securely by email, text, Apple Wallet, Android Passbook or via a loyalty app for instant redemption.

The use of a digital promotions and marketing platform such as Eagle Eye AIR also creates a network effect between merchants, distributors and brands enabling stronger connections and value to all parties.

consumer tracking
increase redemptions
eliminate fraud

Track media campaigns in real-time

Increase redemption rates across promotional activity

Eliminate fraud & mal-redemption

real time basket data

Gather real-time consumer & basket data

close the online to offline loop

Close the loop from online to offline

targeted campaigns

Send personalised & targeted campaigns

Benefits to brands

  • Provides brands with the ability to bridge the gap from digital to bricks & mortar
  • Single view of real-time transactional data pass back; including issuance channel, time, date and location
  • Multi-channel attribution of digital “In store”
  • Ability to create and manage promotional activity within media and advertising
  • Real-time media planning optimisation
  • Ability to integrate with existing platforms and data stacks
  • Elimination of fraudulent coupon activity and mal redemption through unique codes

Our distribution and redemption partners provide a reach of over 50 million people in the UK, giving you huge potential to engage with new consumers immediately.

Through our digital promotions platform, we enable brands and merchants to reduce cost, improve their customer offer, reduce fraud associated with traditional promotional campaigns and accelerate their innovation, whilst increasing customer loyalty, spend and sales.