Time for retailers to get personal with digital promotions

Tailored offers and targeted messages are fundamental for today’s retailer.

Recent statistics from Planet Retail show that 32% of shoppers choice of retailer is influenced by the provision of tailored, personalised experiences that are relevant to their needs.’

Retailers have a responsibility to know their customers and their shopping habits. Only when they have this information will they be in a position to earn their loyalty – through personalisation.


So, what does personalisation mean?

For years, retailers have used offers and promotions as a way of enticing consumers. Promises of price cuts and one-off offers may have been effective for a time, but not anymore. Retailers still using mass-discounting and irrelevant, untargeted offers will be left behind.

According to research conducted by Marketing Week in association with Quidco, ‘although only 26% of retailers send out individual offers and rewards based on data from consumers, more than half (59%) are considering adding personalisation to customer incentives.’

Consumers expect convenience and simplicity when it comes to their shopping experience and retailers must stand out against the competition to attract them. They must build a personal relationship if they want their loyalty and by embracing a digital promotions platform, such as Eagle Eye AIR, they can do exactly that.

A digital approach allows retailers to quickly build detailed consumer profiles. By enabling the collection of real-time data, the technology allows retailers to know exactly what consumers are buying, how often they are shopping, how much they are spending and which outlets they are shopping in.

In the past, retailers had the campaign information but only months after it had actually happened. Today things are very different. Through Eagle Eye retailers can access the data in real-time giving them more flexibility and quicker insights. This enables them to utilise the data much more effectively, and engage consumers with the right offer at the right time and thus improve brand and customer loyalty.

Technological innovations such as NFC (Near Field Communications) and geo-locational targeting allow retailers to alert the consumer when they’re nearby with relevant offers based on past purchases.

By adopting a digital promotions platform, retailers can also ensure complete multi-channel integration. Consumers can expect a seamless experience so that any loyalty points or rewards can be redeemed whether they shop online, in store or via mobile.

Take for instance the Shopkick app launched by Macy’s. The app is integrated with Macy’s Shopkick iBeacon deployment so shoppers can earn ‘kicks’ for just walking in to the store and scanning products. Once they have accumulated enough points, they are rewarded with a gift card. Recent data from Planet Retail suggests that ‘10% of UK shoppers immediately redeem loyalty offers received via their mobile when in store’, making this an effective way of driving footfall and increasing revenue while earning the consumer’s loyalty.

What should retailers do?

For many retailers, digital promotions still represent an unknown entity. But adopting digital doesn’t have to be black and white. With a digital promotions platform, retailers can be flexible when deciding how far they want to go with their digital offering. Whether it is digital counting, digital loyalty schemes, gift card programmes or digital tools for engaging the consumer.

We’re creatures of habit so it is no surprise that many are reluctant to embrace something new for fear of rocking the boat. But time is running out. That’s why the time for retailers to get personal is NOW.

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