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The 4 types of loyal customer you need to know

Your most valuable customers can be identified by four types according to new research from the UK’s Direct Marketing Association […]

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3 lessons from Marvel Insider to give your loyalty program superpowers

With its legions of life-long fans, Marvel might be the last franchise you’d expect to launch a loyalty program. But […]

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How to use iOS 10 to make your push messages more successful

iPhone’s latest update looks to accelerate the success of digital messaging with richer conversions and greater app interactions. So how […]

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How to make the most of seasonal marketing, events and trends

Seasonal marketing is no longer restricted to Christmas and Easter; it’s not even restricted to spring, summer, autumn and winter. […]

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5 tactics to get loyalty program members to redeem their points

Rewarding your customers encourages them to stay loyal – but what happens when they sit on their hard-earned points? Rewards […]

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What the Olympics can teach us about building Customer Loyalty

Looking to springboard your loyalty proposition to new heights? Building customer loyalty is all about stamina, agility and teamwork – […]

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Latest News

Weve launches “smart scanner” mobile coupons

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

We’re pleased to partner with mobile marketing and commerce provider Weve to launch “smart scanner” mobile coupons with nationwide campaigns […]

Nicholson’s launches mobile gin campaign, utilising the power of digital promotions

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

We’re pleased to be working with Mitchell’s & Butlers and one of their brands Nicholson’s Pubs to celebrate 140 years […]