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3 ways to maximise marketing ROI on brand promotions

Are you maximising marketing ROI on your brand promotions? An influential study by Nielsen claims that less than half of […]

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Digital Direct Marketing: 3 ways retailers can join up digital and physical stores

Despite the digital boom 51% of shoppers still prefer to shop in physical stores (GfK). Modern customers demand a unified […]

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Brand Loyalty: 5 Ways to Woo Your Customers this Valentine’s Day

Building brand loyalty is a lot like building a relationship. You need to be interested in your partner and their […]

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Digital Loyalty Cards: The Facts

Customer loyalty is a world of moving targets. Consumer behaviour is shifting constantly, as are the tactics deployed by marketers. […]

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How to use Customer Data to win the Hearts of Shoppers this Valentine’s Day

Online searches for ‘Valentine’s gifts’ have increased by 200% since 2013. Data like this might be interesting but how useful […]

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Customer Loyalty Programs in 2017: Trends and Predictions

It’s sink or swim for stagnant customer loyalty programs as we examine 2017 customer loyalty trends. With technology allowing for […]

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Latest News

Partnership with Flypay to allow for digital voucher redemption

Thursday, January 26, 2017

We’re pleased to announce our latest partnership with Flypay to integrate into their Flyt digital payment platform. The integration will continue […]

Spaghetti House serves up digital redemption

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

We’re pleased to partner with Spaghetti House to allow them to roll out their first digital redemption and validation across […]